It can be used for signage, shopfitting and architectural applications including shelf lighting, cove lighting, display case illumination and bulkhead illumination.

For signage it is ideal for halo illumination where the distance from the LEDs to the reflecting surface is greater than 30mm. It is also ideal for backlighting of light-boxes where the depth of the box is less than 120mm. Recommended row spacing is 15mm less than the light-box depth.

It can also be used for exposed light line applications. If the the viewing distance is greater than 10m then the lightline will look continuous.




Anodized aluminium housing Applications:


Signage Rigid, durable polycarbonate clear cover Architectural lighting Optional IP67 weatherproof resin coating Bulkhead lighting Power Consumption 3.2W/m and 8W/m Shop fitting Operating Voltage = 24V Kick plate lighting Lumen Output = 376 lumens/meter (3.2W/m) Cove lighting Lumen Output = 864 lumens/meter (8W/m) Shelf lighting L70 > 50,000 hrs at Ta = 25°Celsius Current regulation on PCB Night lines LEDs from Osram or Cree (Blue) Display case lighting Maximum linear connected length = 15m Available in lengths of n x 150mm + 16mm Custom lengths available Available with IP67 connectors Available in white CCTs: Cool White, Natural White, Warm White Available in colours: Blue, Red, Green



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