Recessed ceiling light with 1 x 25W Chip on Board LED.




Available in Natural White, Warm White and Speciality CCTs Applications: Retail Meat, Bread, Health and Class A CCTs available Shops Dimmable option available Restaurants 1 x COB LED Architectural Power factor > 0.95 (Indoor use only) Power Consumption = 27.2W 3602 Lumen Output (Natural White) Beam Angles of 15°,30°,45°,60° L70B10>50,000 hrs at Ta = 25° Celsius Min Efficacy of 127 lm/W – Warm White Min Efficacy of 132 lm/W – Natural White IES Files available on request Dimensions Product Code Front Trim Size (mm) Height (mm) Cut-Out Size (mm) COB25-R-SQ 170 x 170 110 158 x 158
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