The CL4H-Diff-F is a diffused flat LED ceiling luminaire containing 4 x 2.4W Osram LEDs.

It can be used as a replacement for the 35W or 50W halogen down lighter and is ideal for new or retrofit applications where a wide beam angle and a diffused look is required.


Available in Natural and Warm White Applications:
Hotels Dimmable Offices 4 x 2.4W Osram LEDs Shops Power factor > 0.99 Restaurants Max Power Consumption = 11.5 W(Dimmable) Reception Counters 811 Lumen Output (Natural White) Display Cabinets Beam angle of 70° Houses L70 > 50,000 hrs at Ta = 25° Celsius (Indoor use only) Min Efficacy of 59 lm/W (WW), 62 lm/W (NW)  High performance White Optic Reflector  Fitting available in White and Aluminium  IES Files available on request  
Dimensions Product Code Diameter (mm) Height (mm) Cut-Out Diameter (mm) CL4H-Diff-F 90 92 74

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