The CL1 is a recessed lensed LED ceiling luminaire containing 1 x 1.2W Osram LED.

It can be supplied in strings of 4 - 7 lights and is dimmable when connected in a group of 6 or 7 fittings. Non-dimmable or dimmable drivers with multibank connectors need to be ordered separately depending on the total number of fittings required.


Available in Natural and Warm White Applications:
Hotels Available in strings of 4-7 Star Lights Offices Dimmable (only when used in a string of 6 or 7) Shops 1 x 1.2W Osram LED Restaurants Power Consumption per Star Light = 1.45W Reception Counters 102 Lumen Output – Natural White Display Cabinets Available in beam angles of 15°and 67° Houses L70 > 50,000 hrs at Ta = 25° Celsius (Indoor use only) IES Files available on request  
Dimensions Product Code Diameter (mm) Height (mm) Cut-Out Diameter (mm) CL1 35 30 32
Electrical Characteristics Parameter Value Unit LED Drive Current 350 mA Operating Voltage/Frequency 220-240/50-60 V AC/Hz Average Power per Star Light 1.45 W Dimming (only when in string of 6)  Non-Dimmable Phase Control - Power Factor >0.7 >0.9 -

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