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Fabio lighting, we specialist in lighting for all lighting project needs, we carry a wide variety of LED products for most lighting applications, We design and supply quality lighting solutions for corporate, hospitality and residential spaces & industrial spaces. Our focus is on designing and delivering the best lighting solutions to transform and enhance your space.

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Fabio lighting offers a extensive range of LED ceiling light products for almost any lighting application, our LED lighting products are engineered to create the perfect lighting solution for any interior space such as offices, hotels, boardrooms

Schools, residential & commercial spaces.


Fabio lighting offers a wide range of Pendant lights for classic , modern, or contemporary  interior spaces, and is engineered to create the perfect solution for any pendant light application for retail, offices, shopping centers, residential & commercial spaces.


Fabio lighting offers a wide selection of LED recessed lighting products for almost any recessed lighting application, and is suitable for, shopping centers. schools, offices, retail, residential & commercial applications. our recessed lighting products offers best quality and performance at affordable prices.

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